The Thing With Feathers

‘It wasn’t promoted as a viable career choice at all in my high school. Actually, my careers adviser advised me against it.’

– Abigail, 17


The Thing With Feathers

I often discover the winged beast
Asleep when I need him the most.
His shadow, my blanket,
Is pulled from my grasp
And my large, feathered guard
Leaves me bare.

It is often these times
That I notice a change
In his temperament
And in his colour.

No longer my warm and welcoming friend,
A foreboding and frightening foe.

I listen to voices that urge me to leave
And advise against my return.

But as Creativity restlessly stirs,
I smile and bid him good day.



Image – Sarah Kaplowitz, Pinterest



Author: musingsthroughmymasters

I'm a lecturer in further education and a masters student researching 'Teaching and Learning in Higher Education'. I work in performing arts as a singing teacher, musical director, voice and musical theatre specialist, and focus my studies on performing arts education. Currently my initial ideas are divergent, and my thoughts will consist of social inequalities in higher education including class, gender and mental health, as well as the perceived disconnect between performing arts and academia.

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