‘My secondary school was very shocked I had chosen this career pathway as they thought it would be much safer to go down core subjects like maths, English and science, as there are more job opportunities.’

– Katie, 16 



We are conditioned to value the education we receive

If our household income justifies the input.

We are expected to understand that education is a weapon

If we select the correct ammunition.

Cold, hard facts may provide substantial weight

But the case that holds them will never expand.

Refuge can be found in the calm of the theatre

Until the swell insists that we are safer in the storm.


Large stormy wave crashing, Cook Strait, New Zealand

Photo – Karim Sahai,

Author: musingsthroughmymasters

I'm a lecturer in further education and a masters student researching 'Teaching and Learning in Higher Education'. I work in performing arts as a singing teacher, musical director, voice and musical theatre specialist, and focus my studies on performing arts education. Currently my initial ideas are divergent, and my thoughts will consist of social inequalities in higher education including class, gender and mental health, as well as the perceived disconnect between performing arts and academia.

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